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Japan the biggest Balsa Wood Buyer

Japan will be the big consumen of balsa wood in the world.

We know that Japan was country often quartheake, labil geologic. Also they already had disaster for nuclear technology. But we know Japanese man was very strong and quick adaptable with their condition.

Many test about balsa characteristic, physic and mechanical  handled by Japan University and their academist, scientific, goverment, and bussinessman. Last time we got order from "one big company" in Japan to support their big project for nuclear, yes with balsa wood.

Other order come from their wood box industry, they have look that balsa wood is great material. More cheap and sustinable resource come from Indonesia.

This video was made by Japan students shows that balsa wood is very strongth when quarthake at simulation is done. You could look at shake table test with balsa model with 2mm resonance and they have success. They ready to go next step. 



Now and will be next year Japan will be most familiar and consume balsa wood higher than China or Europe.